Electronic cigarettes or e cigarettes are mechanical smokeless devices that simulate tobacco smoking, despite the conspicuous absence of tar, tobacco, and other chemicals. Electronic cigarettes are becoming popular in several parts of the world, and there are multiple dealers selling the product, both online and via a brick-and-mortar store. The market for e cigarettes started gaining momentum, once tobacco cigarette smoking was banned at public spaces in several countries.

An electronic cigarette does not differ much from a real cigarette, as far as outward appearance is concerned. E-cigarettes are not sold as a standalone item. They are sold as part of a kit that has all the necessary accessories needed for using the cigarette. Some batteries, the cigarette device, a battery charger, and a few cartridge packs are usually part of the kit. For uninterrupted smoking experience, the battery must be charged every day, preferably during the night. The cartridges must also be replaced whenever the need arises.

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